Stanford Magazine> Fiction Contest

Stanford Magazine> Fiction Contest
OUR TENTH ANNUAL CONTEST is open to alumni of Stanford undergraduate, graduate and fellowship programs. Submit double-spaced, typed, unpublished manuscripts of 2,500 words or fewer. Include a cover sheet with name, address, phone number and story title. The first-place winner will receive $750, and the story will be published next spring.

So why aren’t we beating down the doors to Western’s Alumni Magazine, Spirit, and getting them to sponsor a fiction contest/prize once a year? I don’t know and it sure doesn’t cost to ask. I didn’t think of it until I listened to Stanford’s amazing iTunes University. I was downloading a podcast on Sex, Lies and the Theater: Shakespeare for Today 54:50 Ronald Rebholtz

If you go there (and its free and deep), you will need to download iTunes. As a bonus, here is an image that I found fascinating from the last alumni magazine, the original conception for the Guthrie Clock Tower

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