eSchool News online – Villanova heads most-wired college list

eSchool News online – Villanova heads most-wired college list

Villanova University is higher education’s high-tech hotspot, claiming the No. 1 ranking in a new list of “Top 20 Wired Colleges.” The school, in suburban Philadelphia, tops the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Indiana University in the rankings, a joint project of PC Magazine and The Princeton Review, a college advising and test-prep company. …

At Villanova, first-year students are given laptops–and replacements after their sophomore year. Nursing students get personal digital assistants, and engineers get tablet PCs. Over the internet, students can register for classes, download lectures, take exams, and get grades….No. 2 MIT boasts its own operating system and open courseware available via the web to educators and students around the world. On Dec. 13, the school also debuted a new private software system that allows users to locate friends on campus. MIT’s iFIND project turns laptops into something akin to a GPS unit that can spot users down to the room they are sitting in, then allows users to share their location with friends, all without uploading personal information onto a centralized network.

Ok, maybe it might take awhile for Western to break into this vanguard of the technetariat, but why couldn’t we become the most wired department on campus? No reason at all. We talk about engaging our students, let’s engage our faculty first.

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