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Using Student Podcasts in Literature Classes | Academic Commons

Using Student Podcasts in Literature Classes | Academic Commons

Yes, podcasts are all the rage, but mustn’t they serve a purpose first and musn’t that purpose make your work better and easier in the longer term? In the parlance of the day,
“Absolutely!” For the tech skeptic Academic Commons is just the place to check. Every piece of technology has been used in the classroom so it is easier to judge whether or not it will work for your particular and peculiar circumstances.

Here are a few more that might prove useful.

Digitized Audio Commentary in First Year Writing Classes

Zotero: The Next-Generation Research Tool

Interactive Engagement with Classroom Response Systems (aka ‘clickers’)

NINES–A Gathering of Resources

NINES and Collex

This project draws together various sources (primary and secondary) into one handy scholarly place for all students of literature to examine. This site specializes in nineteenth century writers but the software that runs it, Collex, can be used to create any collection. This freeware appears to

1. Work within any browser
2. Use no plugins so is self-contained
3. Be free and busy with developers working to improve it.

Here are a few collections to check out.

The William Blake ArchiveBlake
Collective Biographies of WomenPilkington
The Letters of Christina RossettiRossetti