Social Media Video 2013 – YouTube

I am not sure what I am supposed to take from these scattershot factoid videos, but I have to say this left me feeling a little ‘disrupted’ and wondering.  Do we have an obligation as teachers to slow the flow and create distraction free learning environments?  I am beginning to do this in my classes.  I start with some silent reading in the NYT, followed with some discussion both small and large group, some writing,  short tech aided lecture, some more writing, and exit slips (digital and analog).  This does not mean that I keep them from accessing their mobile devices, but perhaps it should.  Since an electromagnetic pulse that knocks out all electronics is unlikely, what are your thoughts on the topic of ‘quietening up’ the classroom and amping up the analog signal?


And take a look at this parody of the original above just for a little balance here.

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