WKU English Department iPad “Uncolloquium”

The DELO recordings are up for our first ‘uncolloquium’ on iPad tools and apps.  Thanks to DELO for the big assist in recording by Lauren Moseley and uploading to the cloud.  Great work.  I would especially like to thank Dr. Jane Fife for organizing and Drs. Lenoir, Alsop, Crouther, Ervin, Szerdahelhyi, Jones, and Hughes for going along for the ride.

I would recommend that you skip around and find something you like within the videos.  As time permits I will revise this post with some ‘show’ notes.

Here is a link to the powerpoint that I used.  As usual “Your Mileage May Vary” but if I can help, let me know.

Part One of Four:

Part Two of Four:

Part Three of Four:

Part Four of Four:




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