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Medieval Help Desk

If you missed it at the English Department TechKnowledgE conference, here is a reprise of the Medieval Help Desk. On behalf of the Technology Committee I would like to thank everyone who was a part of yesterday’s conference. Turnout was tremendous, the post-conference buzz was very positive, and people are journeying into the summer with visions of tech dancing in their heads. Now that’s a real mission accomplished.

Southern Appalachian English

This is what the web is good for–an expert site on Appalachi-English.

Southern Appalachian English
Welcome to this website on the speech of one of America’s most often misunderstood regions – southern and central Appalachia, which stretches from north Georgia to West Virginia.

Take the Mountain Vocabulary Quiz. Translate this one I heard the other day–tatn’t, as in “I tatn’t to the vet, but hit hain’t hepped hit none.”