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Southern Appalachian English

This is what the web is good for–an expert site on Appalachi-English.

Southern Appalachian English
Welcome to this website on the speech of one of America’s most often misunderstood regions – southern and central Appalachia, which stretches from north Georgia to West Virginia.

Take the Mountain Vocabulary Quiz. Translate this one I heard the other day–tatn’t, as in “I tatn’t to the vet, but hit hain’t hepped hit none.”

Crowdsourcing: A Million Heads is Better than One

Crowdsourcing: A Million Heads is Better than One
The “wisdom of crowds” is a popular web 2.0 buzzword, popularized by James Surowiecki’s book of the same name. At its most basic, the term means that two heads are better than one, and that still more heads will yield even better results.

Some might argue that it is still the lone writer sitting in her lonely chair which makes it go round, but there is new paradigm on the block–crowdsourcing. Perhaps it is really an old idea given new impetus by the advent of the rocket we call the Internet.

However you look at it, read this article and begin to appreciate the extent to which this term is fast becoming an article of faith in the webbed community.

Useful Research Websites

Dr. Jane Olmstead points in her EnglishBounceList to the following resources:



And the full list of their units:

She includes a polite request: “…let me know if we have anything like this at WKU….All I see on our library webpage is a perky tour of the library.”