Slow Tech, Digital Downtime, Tech Sabbath, Anti-Distraction, Information Overload: How Can We Deal with “IT” and Help Our Students as Well?

Jane Fife and I were discussing the video you will see below about ‘tech distraction’.  Since we have been given a wonderful ‘objet derangement’–an iPad–and given the call to make it work somehow in our classes and professional workflow, perhaps it is time to consider the larger issue here:  is technology an aide or a hindrance to the task of helping our students learn content, acquire skills, and otherwise internalizes processes that will help them live their lives as they see fit?

Slow Tech from Joe Kraus (mp4)

Jane and I both thought that it might be valuable to have a colloquium/uncolloquium or an informal ‘unconference’ (the latest buzzword for this is ‘teachmeet’) in November where we might discuss how we use technology and how technology uses us.  Jane will be following up with a survey to see when and if this might happen, but you can tweet me @tellio if you are interested.


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Saturday Sprints « History Compass Exchanges

I am a ‘runner’ and use the cool new Nike + GPS app. I love the cheers that I get from Facebook family and friends with the program. Ridiculously fun and silly. Now I run across a different kind of run that has as its goal a sprint to complete paper grading. Read the blog post below (it is very short) and then do an academic sprint with someone on Twitter. Join me today as I grade argument papers or on Saturday as I grade explication papers.

2010-10-05_2105 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

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