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How California’s Online Education Pilot Will End College As We Know It | TechCrunch

Here are the highlights of this disturbing article:

How California’s Online Education Pilot Will End College As We Know It | TechCrunch

Gov. Jerry Brown has given his blessing to popular online course platform, Udacity, to partner with San Jose State University for the ultra-low cost online lower-division and remedial classes

In other words, computers can–and have–successfully replaced teachers.

If I had to predict how the fallout of this pilot will go, here’s my timeline:

Pilot succeeds, expands to more universities and classes

Part-time faculty get laid off, more community colleges are shuttered, extracurricular college services are closed, and humanities and arts departments are dissolved for lack of enrollment (science enrollment increases–yay!?)

Graduate programs dry up, once master’s and PhD students realize there are no teaching jobs. Fewer graduate students means fewer teaching assistants and, therefore, fewer classes

Competency-based measures begin to find the online students perform on par with, if not better than, campus-based students. Major accredited state college systems offer fully online university degrees, then shutter more and more college campuses

A few Ivy League universities begin to control most of the online content, as universities all over the world converge toward the classes that produce the highest success rates

In the near future, learning on a college campus returns to its elite roots, where a much smaller percentage of students are personally mentored by research and expert faculty

Read the whole article.  It isn’t long and is worth the candle.