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English Tech Pedagogy Quick Survey



Here are the responses we have so far in our quest to organize a ‘meet-up’ of our faculty and staff who want to share their tech pedagogies (defined as widely as possible-3X5 cards to transcription hardware) and who want to learn other tech pedagogies.  Please respond to the survery.  Once we have gotten all we are going to get we will gather for what some call an ‘unconference’ and others ‘birds of a feather’ and others still an ‘open spaces meeting’.  In other words we will have minimal top down and maximum bottom up  organization.  It is akin to improv, but actually more kin to a scripted reality show where the participants riff on, in this case, the very general theme of tech pedagogy.  I have done it before and it is quite fun.  And we really don’t enough fun in our daily lives.

If you haven’t completed the survey and wish to you, then follow this link to a live form to fill out.



The ultimate guide on how to annotate PDF files on the iPad

The ultimate guide on how to annotate PDF files on the iPad.

This is an excellent guide to using iPad for annotating PDF’s online.   Most academic writing ends up as PDF’s so it makes sense to explore tools on the iPad that you can “mark up”.

This post differentiates three different types of pdf ‘reader’ and then recommends iPad tools for each one.  This is valuable especially to the new academic user.  I would recommend two choices that they do as well:  free (Adobe and pdf-notes free) and the pay version of Papers.

I have just begun using pdf-notes and so far I really like how it hooks up to dropbox for importing and exporting.  It also uses gestures in ways that work seamlessly with my workflow.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, the WKU English Tech Committee will be sponsoring a Tech Talk about iPad apps on Wednesday, November 14 from 3:30- 5:00 in Cherry 122.

As Jane said in her English bounce list missive, “Some of you said you could make it from 3:30-4:30 and others from 4-5, so by stretching it over that whole time for you to come and go as you can, it should work for 13 out of the 15 who responded.  For any who can’t make it, DELO will be recording it for us; we’ll post a link to the video on the Techknowledg- E blog when it is available.”

We will also be providing a space where you can add a wish list of questions to be answered, apps you find you ‘must-have’,  issues that make or break the iPad deal, and, of course, Hurricane Sandy.  Look for that in our next post here.

Slow Tech, Digital Downtime, Tech Sabbath, Anti-Distraction, Information Overload: How Can We Deal with “IT” and Help Our Students as Well?

Jane Fife and I were discussing the video you will see below about ‘tech distraction’.  Since we have been given a wonderful ‘objet derangement’–an iPad–and given the call to make it work somehow in our classes and professional workflow, perhaps it is time to consider the larger issue here:  is technology an aide or a hindrance to the task of helping our students learn content, acquire skills, and otherwise internalizes processes that will help them live their lives as they see fit?

Slow Tech from Joe Kraus (mp4)

Jane and I both thought that it might be valuable to have a colloquium/uncolloquium or an informal ‘unconference’ (the latest buzzword for this is ‘teachmeet’) in November where we might discuss how we use technology and how technology uses us.  Jane will be following up with a survey to see when and if this might happen, but you can tweet me @tellio if you are interested.